Nissan R32 JTCC  (Base 5)

Nissan R32 JTCC (Base 5) Verion 11

Nissan Skyline R32 JTCC for Assetto Corsa

I'm excited to announce the latest update for the Nissan Skyline R32 JTCC mod! This new version brings many improvements and features.

Key Features:

  • Two Versions of the Car:
    • Standard Version: 542bhp and 541Nm.
    • Class 1 Tuning Version: 622bhp and 738Nm.
Updates and Changes:

Physics & Handling:

  • Improved tire physics.
  • Enhanced force feedback.
  • Updated suspension physics.
  • Adjusted pickup front/rear height.
  • Increased max fuel capacity.
  • Enhanced aero physics.
  • Various adjustments in the car.ini file.
  • Fixed issues with digital instruments.
  • Revised lighting.
  • Corrections and additions in the car settings tabs before starting a race.
  • Other minor adjustments.

  • Corrected and improved rim textures.
  • Updates in the extension folder (lights, headlights, indicators, dashboard lights).
  • Other minor visual tweaks.
  • Speed and fuel digital LED color changed to white for better night visibility.
  • Corrected RPM LED.
  • Better livery skin resolution (2k).

  • The car now has its own new sound effects, thanks to (Neko Taisen for the sound mod.
Thank you to my Patrons for your support!
and those who help me from the GTPlanet
Also Patrick Varga and the @graveltrap

Additional Instructions:

Inside each car folder, you can find the "4k skin.7z" file. Open it and drag & drop the "" into the /skins/23_test_car folder. This will replace the main car livery skin with the 4k version. Make a backup of the old one if you experience low frame rates.

!!! Delete the old version first and then add this one !!!

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it's an amazing mod!! but i wonder why aren't the headlights working?
Thank you, the headlights working fine
Great work whit this, thanks mate.
Thank you, im trying my best