Rena's Mclaren F1 GTR (Version 8)

Rena's Mclaren F1 GTR (Version 8) 8

Introducing the latest update for Rena's McLaren – Version 8 "base mod."

This update brings several notable changes. Here's a quick rundown:
  1. Base Modification: Delete the previous first then replace your current version with the new base version as the primary car mod.
    Follow the simple update process for seamless integration.
  2. Enhancements: Modern recalibration to the original specifications.
    Improved wheelbase for enhanced stability.
    Suspension geometry closely mimicking real-life dynamics.
    Refined tire physics, offering a closer experience to Kunos.
    Visual updates to brake disks for added realism.
    Fresh textures inside and outside the car.
    Exclusive "Mika Hakkinen" livery skin for a personalized touch.
    Changes in the extension folder, enhance the visual appeal.
    Various other subtle micro-adjustments.
  3. Dual Car Mods:
    The mod folder now includes two distinct car mods: McLaren F1 GTR
    McLaren F1 GTR LM
  4. Differences in LM Version:
    The LM version aligns more closely with the real McLaren: Reduced power (BHP).
    Lighter weight (kg).
    No Traction Control (TC) or Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
    Additional mechanical differentiators for authenticity.
Ongoing Improvements:
I'm dedicated to continuously refining and enhancing the Rena's McLaren mod. Your feedback is invaluable in this process. If you come across any issues, have suggestions for improvements, or believe there's room for change, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Thank You for Your Support:
I want to express my gratitude to everyone for their support.
Your engagement and feedback are improvements to this mod.
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