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Seat Leon WTCC skins (101creative) n/a

cm drag and drop

you must use the kn5 i have provided otherwise you will have no window stickers and the shader values will not be anywhere near correct.

thanks to low-life for the window mapping over on the discord

This car has been locked behind a paywall in a beta stage for a year now so for that reason alot may not have this car. This version is the one by 101creative it had no skins at all so i decided to change that

there is no reflection on this car so the skins are matte, the black skin did not come out too well but it's serviceable all the rest look fine. The body is slightly different, team that with some bad uv mapping you will get something close but not 100%

4k only

Screenshot (595).png

Screenshot (596).png

Screenshot (597).png

Screenshot (598).png