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(Pronounced "Sh-tile-lin Bear-g")
Steilin Berg is a racecourse in the mountainous region of Germany. Steilin Berg is German for 'Steep Mountain'. (At least according to google translate)
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Right after the first turn, cars immediately begin to accelerate as the track descends downwards. The downhill section has a bit of a curve to it making this section extremely difficult on cars with little to no rear down force.

The Elevation difference between the highest and lowest point is 1014.9 feet!

The track was originally drawn up as a testing ground for the Red Bull X2014 Junior formula car. During construction, it's purpose was changed to be a test track for the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. But since that car appears be being held onto until GT Sport, the tracks current main function is for track days and race testing.

Track still being finalized. Video will be posted upon completion! Until then, try it out and tell me what you think!
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Here's some pics to hold you over until the video is complete...

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Fantastic, wow, what a great track. Thanks, finally after so long, you solved the issue of being able to download this fabulous track. I have just ended several laps in my special tuned Ford Mustang Boss 302S replica, what a great drive. Good job making this mate. Five star worthy.