Gran Turismo 3 Prize Cars - Special Colors

The album contains photos of 58 special colored prize cars found in Gran Turismo 3. Cars in these colors cannot be purchased from the dealership, you have to win them by completing career events. Use paint shops of the latest Gran Turismo games to replicate one of this unique models. Have fun!

Matej, May 5, 2016
    • GTPVenomZombie
      Are any of these colours obtainable in Gran Turismo 6?
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    • Matej
      @GTPVenomZombie I don't own GT6, so I'm not sure. Some of these colours belong to another car of the same manufacturer, while some could be generic PD creations. If you're looking for one particular colour, check all cars from the same manufacturer, and if that doesn't work, borrow similar paint from another manufacturer, certain vehicles have very good range of colours.
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    • GTPVenomZombie
      @Matej Yeah that's a good idea. I'm also re-creating all the special colours from previous GT games into vehicles on GT6. But thank you I will try those. :cheers:
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    • 2_FAST_4_U
      Update For Car Collectors Still Lurking In GT3...

      There are also other special colors which are not included in this original older thread...

      1) Mazda MX-5 Miata (J) - J Limited/Sunburst Yellow - Roadster Endurance (Endurance)
      Note-Not to be confused with the other special yellow color listed which is just Sunburst Yellow and not the J Limited version.

      2) Mazda RX-8 - EVOLV Purple or Black Mica - Amateur GT World Championship
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