Rally's CMS2015 Adventures: Episode 2: Tales of a GT20

My adventures in the world of Car Mechanic Simulator continues as I find and restore another classic.

rallymorten, Jan 17, 2017
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    • Niku Driver HC
      It's a good thing you ditched the puke green, otherwise I'd be lambasting you for keeping it...

      So, between this and the Spectre, which one is your personal favorite?
    • rallymorten
      @Niku Driver HC Truth be told, I'm not sure. I'd take either of them in real life if I could.

      I do quite like the green I went with on the Spectre, though..
    • Niku Driver HC
      Well, guess they're both cool in their own separate ways, fair enough.

      Also, the puke green works, but only if you clean the car up first, haha. But since your restorations are about 100% brand new in the end...
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