Candlemass - Hammer of Doom

JockeP22, Sep 12, 2015
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    • Apok
      What is this band? Pretty awesome :0
    • JockeP22

      Yes! :)
      It's not often I get the chance to introduce Candlemass to someone.
      Hammer of Doom is sung by Robert Lowe.

      I myself was introduced to Candlemass about five years ago by a co-worker.
      He lent me this CD some time in November and I was hooked;


      Back then I thought this track was amazing. Both the melody
      and the lyrics;

      Singer on that one ^ is the one and only Messiah Marcolin.
      He said in an interview once that he used to stock up on Big Mac's
      and fill his fridge with them during the eighties, so he could eat one
      whenever he liked;

      Candlemass is a Swedish band starting out in 1986 and founded by
      bass player Leif Edling.
      I've met Leif twice and talked with him briefly. He lives only ten minutes from me!
      Last time I saw him was in a record store when I browsed for vinyl records and
      he did the same. He's like the Swedish Tony Iommi.

      Leif Edling is epic. I've listened to every Candlemass CD he has made
      and his solo stuff. He is the only one that has stayed in Candlemass
      for all studio records when a lot of others have come and gone.
      Similar to Iommi.

      I've been to two Candlemass concerts and they've got a pretty heavy sound.
      Best time to listen to Candlemass is now between September-February
      in my opinion. It's starting to get cold, dark and dreary outside. Lots of
      rainy days. It goes well with their music.

      This is from their debut album with singer Johan Längqvist.
      I've seen this played live with Johan. Epic night.

      This is another favorite. This time with singer Björn Flodkvist.
      Great intro.

      And I like this one (with Messiah Marcolin on vocals again, from their 3rd studio album).

      You can't go wrong with their early stuff really, almost everything is 10/10.

      Oh yeah, this is a really good one from the 5th album. Thomas Vikström on vocals;
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