(GIF) Nirvana VS Sonny

(GIF) Nirvana VS Sonny
SomePlayaDude, May 11, 2017
    • SomePlayaDude
      For those who know me a little too well, they know I used to write a story revolving cars in Gran Turismo 6. With the presence of a PS4, I'm looking out to see if GTS or Driveclub could fill that spot for me soon enough.

      But context time:
      Nirvana Kellen is one of those mysterious wanderers, with an alias, a different face, variable this and that; she's a damned mystery. She so happens to be pretty darn good at breaking out classic Italian sports cars, specifically the Cizeta-Moroder V16T, which we all know is something. For unknown plot reasons (to you all), she hates Sonny.

      Sonny Meng (no relevance to Blacklist #15) is an overly exaggerated version of me. How exaggerated? Well, the first impression of anyone for him would be an imaginary explosion, and let's leave it at that. Also a racing celebrity, his fame has earned him wealth to live luxury, and his "one step ahead" mantra has gotten him even more than said luxury.

      The reason why they're street racing to settle something: Nirvana has no record of being a licensed racer, and Sonny, coming from his roots as a street racer in Europe, decides the empty streets would need more disturbing than just the storm.

      When will I resume my story writing? Soon, for sure! Went so far in development it's a shame I have to stop. I eventually had a song planned out for this duel:

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