Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

JockeP22, Jun 23, 2015
    • gkgamer
      <3 Brings so many memories, great song, best Kool & the Gang era. Top notch
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    • JockeP22
      @gkgamer First time I heard this was when watching Rocky I as a ten-something year old.
      It's the scene where Rocky comes home and puts on a record on his vinyl player and feeds his turtles.
      Many years later I found the OST on CD but the movie version (which was Kool & The Gang) had been altered/covered by Bill Conti and it didn't sound as good.
      It wasn't until I found this on Youtube that I could hear the entire original movie version. :tup:
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    • IfAndOr
      I'm all chilled out now after listening to that. :tup:
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    • JockeP22
      @IfAndOr It is a good tune to wind down to.
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