Linkin Park - With You

JockeP22, Jun 6, 2015
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    • Vince
      Y'know, I don't really care for Linkin Park, but Hybrid Theory is a damn good album.
      I love this track.
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    • JockeP22
      @Pinkintron I only have their first album and the songs on it ignites memories of the fall of '00.
    • IfAndOr
      I loved Hybrid Theory and the second album Meteora, but they seemed to change direction slightly after that which I wasn't so keen on. I've recently heard one of their latest tracks and quite enjoyed it. I must try and catch some more.
      Chester has got a great voice. What a range, screaming to melodious.
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    • JockeP22
      @IfAndOr My sister has Meteora and I've asked her many times if I could borrow it
      but she always forgets. Yes Hybrid Theory was released at the perfect
      moment for those guys. They became huge worldwide and fast.
    • IfAndOr
      Ask her again. It's good.
      (Or you could buy it) ;)
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    • JockeP22
      @IfAndOr I have heard it a few times though, only it was a long time ago now.
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