Swedish Nordschleife Yamaha XJR 1300

This piece of road reminds me of the famous Nordschleife in Germany.

JockeP22, Feb 9, 2016
    • IfAndOr
      I've watched this a few times since you first uploaded it and always find it very relaxing. A combination of the road and music. ZZZZZZ... ;)
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    • JockeP22
      @IfAndOr Thanks Paul.
      I was editing my signature and thought of putting this in.
      It's a bit of a bittersweet feeling watching it as I sold the 1300
      in May. I am now bikeless for the first time in ten years.

      I remember this ride very well, it was the last time I used the helmet camera
      and I haven't touched it since. I was worried it would get blown off the helmet from the wind because it wasn't attached properly. That's part of the reason I went fairly slowly, the other was the risk of wild animals crossing the road. Which they do frequently. And there were hardly any space left on the micro SD card either.
      It's a wonder I ever got it to work at all. O_o

      Yeah the music's nice, it is offered for free by YouTube Editor.
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    • IfAndOr
      I was wondering about your bike situation. It's a shame it had to go since you liked it. It is
      a financial drain having both a bike and a car. Hope you got a good price for it.

      I suppose you needed the money to pay for all the GTP premium subscriptions. :p
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