2013 Nascar Toyota Camry Denny Hamlin

Daytona "Dirty Nascar" Setup

  1. PoNTiFeX5
    Fantastic, best oval tune I've tried on GT6! Gear Box flip works as follows: After oil change reset to default, final 2.800, top speed 240 kmh / 150 mph, set gear ratios 4.861 etc., set final 2.012. Thanks for the super setup!
  2. ddcamb
    Good tune, but I don't seem to have the 1-4 gear ratios. Help?
  3. MOPARbarrett5
    Really good tune. By the way I set up a good transmission tune with your set up.
    Set final gear all the way right first.
    Set top speed to 149 mph
    Set all gears except final all the way right
    Last set final gear to 2.450
    Good 3 speed transmission 4th gear used for drafting.
    1. WatcherOn
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I will give the tranny tune a shot ... I needed a C-Sheet tune for this setup ... Does that tune work on other high speed courses like Indy? Or is it a Daytona specific one?