450pp Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71

Race 450pp Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71

Worked beautifully on the latest Historic European seasonal.
Worked on the 450PP Historic European Super Lap: Matterhorn Rotenboden
Suoer tune as I'm not the best gamer used this tune for seosional Madrid Reverse against Megan Finnished 27.998 sec in front almost same time as his lead on opening lap. Used active steering strong. TC.0 ASM Off SRF On. CSS/5. FFM.TQ/2. FFS/7. Using controller. As i said no the bset driver Automatic Transmission. Thanks for a great tune lots of fun on this event
thanks for the review. I've never tried it with any aids on, i'm glad it still works.
A good tune but the rear end is a little too loose for my driving style which is why i couldn't give this tune 5 stars.
Fair enough man. Thanks for the review
Thanks also for this good tune...
Good tune, I did combine it with the suggestions of Zappelini to tame the back end. But otherwise a good base tune, cheers.
His suggestions were based off an older version just fyi. The current version is much faster.
Haha 500pp seasonal in this car was a challenge. I ended up adding some power, Lol, Talk about loose, oh my. Great tune man. Looking forward to actually using the S/S tires ...
Lol yeah its really a handful on anything below ss tires. Thanks for the feedback.
Awesome job!! Enjoyed using this 450 PP Dino in the latest 500 PP seasonal. Looking forward to tuning up some more great cars from your garage!!
Thanks for the feedback, there is an update coming in the morning that makes it easier to drive and even faster.
don't know what version of GT 6 the setup was done . But it was a good tune regarding the default Dino behavior.
My impressions driving in GT6 1.09v:
I thought the back was too unstable for high speed corners and over steering a lot when stepping on the gas (even when gentle on the throttle). Also the rear was rolling a lot when I tried to trail brake into medium speed corners.
Also the turn in was too aggressive, making the car go sideways very easily and lose traction momentum, because I had to wait to regain grip.
After a few runs and a few tweaks that is my suggestion to improve handling and corner speeds and make your tune work even better (if I may):
Ride Height (F/R):
90 / 95
Spring Rate (F/R):
6.20 / 7.80
Dampers - Comp. (F/R):
5 / 4
Dampers - Ext. (F/R):
6 / 5
Anti-Roll Bars (F/R):
4 / 3
Camber Angle (F/R):
0.0 / 1.5
Toe Angle (F/R):
0 / .08
Brake Balance (F/R):
3 / 2

Initial Torque (F/R):
/ 6
Accel. Sensitivity (F/R):
/ 16
Braking Sensitivity (F/R):
/ 22

I would like the author to test it and tell me what do you think?.
I'll gladly try it out and send you a message. I prefer a car that is loose and requires the driver to keep it on the line versus a car that is safe and finds its limit too soon. It's v1.09 like it says on the tune sheet btw. Thanks for the feedback.
Best 450pp Dino tune I've used...very stable and predictable. Great job!
I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you liked it. I got another Ferrari coming today that has the same kind of feel but at 550pp.
Good Setup :)
glad you liked it and thanks for the review. Can I ask just out of curiosity, what kept it from being 5 stars ?