A.S. De l'A.C. Normand Rouen 2015-11-19

Rouen les Essart, French GP V2.5

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    Classic home of the French GP into the 1960's. This is the full circuit used in the 1950's. Fast layout with elevation change. Run this track in a LCC Rocket, Caterham 7, original Ferrari GTO or Alfa Romeo TZ to experience the low downforce, high speed racing of the mid 20th century. Made as accurate as possible including elevation changes, with the current course maker constraints.
    Rouen hosted five Formula OneFrench Grand Prix races, the last one in 1968 resulting in the tragic burning death of Jo Schlesser, at the fast downhill Six Frères curve. The circuit continued to host majorFormula 2 events until 1978, after which it was used for various French Championships.
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