ACURA NSX LM Race Car '91

437 bhp / 1109 kg

  1. Farnell42
    I used your tune for the NSX LM Race Car and the Civic Touring Car and they drive far better than what they were stock. Thanks for the tune, I would note that the tune still works when the tyres are downgraded up to Sports: Hard.
  2. Baron Blitz Red
    Baron Blitz Red
    Another great tune!
    1. GhostRider65
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot Baron Blitz Red !! Glad you have enjoyed the car !! Cheers friend pilot !!
  3. Soren Jacquet
    Soren Jacquet
    So . where shall I begin.
    I feel it is very tail happy and by hard down breaking it become unstable,and and out of corners it´s like to understeer. Gearbox there I only wish it was a little faster in the accleration throug the gears and it miss a little topspeed 20km/H would be fine . Tryee it on RS tyres also and there was the same as on RH tyres .
    But then I think this car is a difficult car to tame . So that in mind this is a Good tune.
    1. GhostRider65
      Author's Response
      Thanks Soren for the feedback !! I changed the setting of the car with more power and stability. You will also notice a difference between RH and RS !! Thanks again for your valuable opinion my friend !!
  4. crisisassix
    This tune makes for an entertaining ride. Very stable car. Thanks.
    1. GhostRider65
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot my friend !! Glad you enjoyed it !! Thanks again crisisassix !!