Andalusian Tour 2178 2016-04-15

Long. Very long.

  1. BR0NC0353
    Version: 2016-04-15
    WOW Awesome track ! Very realistic and not too narrow. Has lots of curves and straights, but not too excessive with either. Suitable for ALL vehicles, from carts to F1. Scenery looks great also. I would have given you higher score than 5 stars, if I could Thanks for this great course, I just can't get enough of these long tracks.
  2. Nicolas153624
    Version: 2016-04-15
    Very enjoyable long track; perfect for cruising at full blast, without bugs or blind turns. Oughta be voted "Track of the Week".Thanks for sharing it!
    1. P_eMmO_72
      Author's Response
      Thank you Nicolas, I'm also going to add 2 shorter East/West course options for a little variety.