Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna De GOIÂNIA, Brazil 2.02

Almost 1.1 replica. It now has much better route, surface, corners.

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    The Internacional Autódromo Ayrton Senna De GOIÂNIA Circuit, Brazil.

    V 2.01
    This is my new version that now has elevation changes. I was very lucky that it gave me really close elevation, similar to the real track.
    The real track length is 3.82 km long, my version is 3.948 km long.
    Track sites is placed were possible.
    All curbs are carefully laid correct as possible.
    The radii is correct, as I used a Google map image to draw from.

    The Internacional Autódromo Ayrton Senna De GOIÂNIA, or GOIÂNIA Internacional Speedway is a race track that waso opened in October 1974 in the City of GOIÂNIA.
    With a modern circuit is considered an extremely safe route with a length of 3.82km. With capacity for 100 thousand people, and events racing and motorcycle racing, the racecourse is used for promotion of concerts, festivals, and events. One of the key moments of the race track was the dispute between motorcyclists Eddie Lawson and Kevin Schwantz valid proof in the World Championship motorcycling in categories 250 and 500 cc in 1988.

    In 2011 it was proposed the idea of selling the racecourse area in order to build a new in Senador Canedo ( metropolitan area of Goiânia.
    But the proposal did not move forward due to a series of questions, such as; a lot of the donor family's original circuit, threatened to regain possession of the property in court, since the assignment, signed in the 70s, included a requirement of use of the site for public purposes; and the very goiana company claiming that the only purpose of the project was to encourage real estate speculation in the area. Then, before a cloud of uncertainty over the sale of the area, few buyers showed really interested in buying the property. In August 2012, the Governor Marcony Perillo, next to Felipe Massa authorized the start of construction of reform, and not selling, the current Autódromo GOIÂNIA.
    Today receives events as; Superbike Brazil, Formula Truck, KM Arrancada, Goiano Motorbike, the Midwest Championship brands and pilots.


    V 2.02
    New update: Replaced Eifel theme with Eifel Flat. Redrawn the track, which gave it much better route, better surface, and the corners are really close. It's just a little bit shorter, about 100 meters.


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