Avalon Motor Park Australia 1.2

In place of Albert Park for Australian F1 Grand Prix

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    Avalon Racing Park.png

    CAMS, the FIA member club for Australia, has a vision for a multi-purpose motorsport destination that could be constructed at Avalon near Melbourne, establishing a home for a variety of motorsport and driving activities. Their vision called for a destination to satisfy all motorsport users, both 2 wheel and four wheel, in all categories of the sport. In 2009 CAMS contracted Apex, through the FIA Institute Facility Improvement Programme, to develop a master plan for the Avalon Motorsport Park as a phased development allowing CAMS to implement in a structured and strategic manner as funding and demand allows.

    This phased approach extends also to the initial proposed Grade 2 circuits which could, if required, be upgraded to Grade 1 easily to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix or other international or national motorsport activities should this ever be a requirement in the future.

    The Avalon Motorsport Park will, once built, provide a home for a variety of motorsport activities such as karting, club, national and international circuit racing, road safety driver training and race driver development, 4×4 driver training and ‘Top Fuel’ drag racing.