Bahrain International Circuit (ef) 1.1 +video

Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection: Home of Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
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    This is the part of the project:
    Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection

    The idea is to make recreation of best F1 circuits missing from the game (GT6)

    Asian Pack

    · Sepang International Circuit: New and ultramodern; It was the first of the new breed of circuits that now dominate F1.

    · Shanghai International Circuit: Home of Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created rather fitting environment of Death Valley

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created in Eifel Flat
    (Presented here)

    European Pack

    · Sochi Autodrom, the newest member of F1 family, Grand Prix of Russia

    · Hockenheimring, track that hosts (with Nurbugring GP) German Grand Prix

    American Pack

    · Austin's Circuit of the Americas appears to have finally ended 26 year search that USA has once again a modern and quality Formula 1 venue.

    After creating a version of Bahrain International Circuit (dv): created rather fitting environment of Death Valley

    Here is now one in Efiel Flat
    Bahrain International Circuit (ef)

    Ver 1.1 facts:
    - Circuit layout was taken from Google maps for higher accuracy
    - Following Google maps layout, the length achieved is within 99.6% of the real circuit
    - The width measured using Google maps is 12-16m. So the in-between value of 14m is taken for this design
    - Curbing is also taken from Google maps for highest accuracy
    - Bahrain is a bit 'bumpy' so I made it on purpose that way as well but the circuit has an excellent flow
    - Uploaded video
    - Only lacking is tightness of some corners (due to the Circuit Designer limitations)

Recent Reviews

  1. djm99
    Version: 1.1 +video
    love it :)
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      I appreciate you driving it and reviewing it
  2. Manasseh257NSX
    Version: 1.1 +video
    Best version I've driven so far. Great atmosphere around the track, great flow, plenty of bumps on the turns and it pretty much matches up to the real course length wise. Outstanding job Bruno. HIGHLY recommend this track!
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to try my track and for this review. After a review like this I get a confirmation that I'm on the right track with my work and gives me a guidance and boost for my future work.
      Enjoy the track!