Barber Motorsports Park

Circuit (Replica) Barber Motorsports Park v1.0

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Replica of Barber Motorsports Park v1.0

This is my recreation of the short and sweet track located in Birmingham, AL. It's home of the Porsche Driving School and part of the annual Indy Car calendar.

v1.0 Release Notes:

Track length and elements
  • track length about 180 m longer than original
  • homestraight had to be lengthened due to TPE 600 m force
  • back straight was lengthened a bit as well to avoid adaptions to radii or element lengths from T 11 to T 15
  • T 2/3 was slightly shortended in length to keep the following straight from T 4 to T 5 far enough from the paddock
  • the original route character could be kept with those adaptions
Curbing and Scenery
  • all original curbs placed correctly
  • scenery was recreated as detailed as possible with trees and banks similar to the real ones
  • very similar to original in most track parts
  • characteristic dips at T 3, T 5 and T 8 could be recreated

This circuit has a great flow and is very fast. It offers close to original elevation changes which provides the feeling of the orginal in most track parts.

Have fun racing here!

Original Track onboard lap

Original Track Map

Barber Motorsports Park_Map.png

Replica Track Map

Barber Motorsports Park_Replica_Map.png

Original Elevation Map

Barber Motorsports Park_Elevation.png

Original Aerial View

Barber Motorsports Park_Aerial.png
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Latest reviews

First of all, as a local with Barber Motorsports Park in "my backyard," thank you so much for recreating it—the track map geometry is probably as close as possible to the real thing and it's very enjoyable!

I will say in terms of elevation, however, that the incline up the front straight is absolutely wrong—the actual front straight is flat with no incline whatsoever and merely dips off going into turn 1. There's also a significant hill/crest between turns 12 and 13 where vehicles get pretty light. The "Alabama Rollercoaster" between turns 3 and 4 should also have a much more significant dip and crest at 4 (it's the most significant elevation change in the whole track, and a LOT of fun), but I think that's likely beyond the constraints of the Course Maker. The incline coming out of turn 5 is almost eerily perfect, though! If there's any way at all to incorporate those corrections into the course, I would be ecstatic!
I will give it to Silviozgb. Good surprise downloading this track. You can really attack the corners and it reward you back. Where is it located?.. Very good elevation changes. Your next project, could you try make Zolder, and Donington '93 version:). To all of you, don't hesitate to download this one. Great work, well done.
Thanks mate for another great review! The 5 stars are very much apreciated. As mentioned in the track description Barber Motorsports Park is located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Maybe I'll give Zolder and Donington a try but there's plenty of other projects in my mind. ;-)
1st i was little bit sceptic to download it. But really good surprised. Maybe the best track i ever played in Gran turismo. It schould be part of it by default. Its absolutelly reality feeling to drive on it. Congratulations. More 5 stars. Well this one is must have.
Thanks for the praising review! I'm really glad that you enjoy my version of Barber Motorsports Park.
great track love elevation change
Thanks for your rating. I'm glad you enjoy my version of this fantastic track.