Blackstar Park Long Circuit 4

Long hill climb, fast, technical and beautiful track with great flow

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    This is the long version of the Blackstar Park Circuit (, which is carefully designed to be fast and flowing, using the terrain elevation to it's advantage.
    It's a very fun layout and it puts both car and driver to great test, with interesting corners and lot of challenges, specially when it comes to weight distribution and quick changes of direction. This long version is specially challenging with incredible uphill and downhill sections.
    It's suited for all car categories (I specially enjoy driving GT500 and old supercars in this circuit).

    As mentioned, Blackstar Park has other layouts available:

    Blackstar Park Circuit
    The main version. The best of the bunch, with 14 corners and 2.87mi (4.62km) long. It shares both the first and third sector of the main circuit, with fast and challenging corners that complete the lap.

    Blackstar Park Short Circuit
    A short, simple and stripped back (albeit fun) version of the main circuit. It is only 1.7 mi (2.7km) long, featuring 11 corners.
    Ideal for smaller cars with less PP.


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