Buddh International Circuit v1.0

Very fast and wide Indian track - almost correct track length, proper curbing and fitting elevation.

  1. Patrick8308
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    Replica of Buddh International Circuit

    Here's my recreation of the former F1 track at India near the capital of New Delhi. As many other new circuits it was designed by F1 chief architect Hermann Tilke and opened in 2011. Unfortunately the F1 circus left after the 2013 race mostly for bureaucratic reasons.

    The track combines long high-speed straights with tight hairpins and flowing sections. There are some noticeable changes in elevation, especially at some corners.

    Turn 1 is a quite tight 90° right leading to a long uphill lefthander. The radi of T 3 is extremely tight (19 R) so it's rather tricky to hit the apex which isn't unimportant for the following main straight. That is more than 1.150 m long and provides slipstream battles and hard braking overtakes before the next corner. Another medium length straight leads to the flowing section of the track which has been well-received by the F1 drivers proving a challenge to drive consistently on the limit.

    While T 5 is rather easy you can fly off easily at T 6 if you're too fast and miss the turn-in point. Turn 8 and 9 is a fast chicane and leads to the super long T 10 /11. That turn provides high corner exit speeds down to T 13. Turn 14 is a tight kink where only some throttle lift should be necessary. Via T 15 and another short straight you reach the last uphill hairpin T 16.

    The track is well suited for cars > 500 PP though race cars should provide most fun.

    Enjoy racing Buddh International Circuit.

    v1.0 Release Notes:
    • proper track width (14 m)
    • track length only 26 m longer than original
    • accurate route drawn over aerial image
    • moderate overall elevation with only some ups and downs very similar to the real track
    • curbs placed precisely
    • most marshal posts at correct positions
    • track gates and grandstands at right spots where possible
    • some tents at long straight to symbolize track facilities
    Original Track onboard lap

    Original Track Map


    Replica Track Map


    Original Elevation Map

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Recent Reviews

  1. Keshu Rao
    Keshu Rao
    Version: v1.0
    Dream come true in Gt6. Going to drive Formula Gran turismo here.
  2. Azabear6
    Version: v1.0
    Awesome so much fun to drive on. Once again mate I had version of this on Eiffel flat but yours crushes mine ;-). Another high quality track I think I have 12 of yours now. Thank you for all your efforts with these tracks I certainly appreciate it, cheers.