Circuit de Catalunya - v.MotoGP Video added

Best replica of this track so far. Perfect track lengh (4700m) and kerbs.

  1. zzz_pt
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    I made the F1 version already but this one is even better. Is probably the best version out there. Some people asked for it and here you have it. :) Have fun

    ps: the only thing that is missing to give it the realistic feel is the sorroundings but I can't do better than this. Unfortunately the app blocks me to put stuff in a great % of the sides of the track.

    G.P. Monster Energy de Catalunya

    About the circuit

    In 1989, through the joint collaboration of the Catalan Autonomous Government, the Montmeló Town Council and the Royal Automobile Club of Catalunya (RACC), work began on giving one of Europe’s most beautiful cities a state of the art race track to match. The Circuit de Catalunya opened on the doorstep of Barcelona in September 1991 and welcomed its first international event that same month, hosting the Spanish F1 Grand Prix. It went on to host the European Motorcycle Grand Prix and in 1995 became home to the Gran Premio de Catalunya. Considered to be one of the best designed circuits of the recent era, the Circuito de Catalunya won the much coveted IRTA ‘Best Grand Prix’ trophy for 2001 and has a general admission capacity of 104,000 spectators.


    I can't find a onboard video of a car in the moto GP version of the rack so, this will do for the comparison. Yes, it's Maldonado. :D

    Enjoy it and rate it if you like it.
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  1. Retro Racer
    Retro Racer
    Version: Video added
    The MotoGP version of this circuit is better than the current F1 version and this is spot on.
    1. zzz_pt
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review :) Have fun! I tried to make it as real as possible.
  2. djm99
    Version: Video added
    love it
    1. zzz_pt
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback djm99 ;) Enjoy it!