Circuito da Boavista WTCC 2013(Portugal) 2.0

Nice circuit good to race from GT3 to LMP cars

  1. xlsound
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    mapa-circuito-2013 minimum.jpg

    Tried to replicate as far as i can the circuit, unfortunetly i dont know how to work with elevations si its a flat circuit but very enjoyable to drive with GT500 and LMP cars, expect 90 degree curves, chicane, and good straights.

    Also i had to made the track a litle longer because of the finish line and be able to include the last chicane.

    Altough its version 2.0 the 1.0 was purely for test and never released.

    Hope to get some feedback, good races everyone.
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Recent Reviews

  1. P_eMmO_72
    Version: 2.0
    Nice circuit replica, the reason it seems a little long is because it's 4.84 MILES - should be 4.84 KM.
    (If that was intentional please accept my most abject apologies.)
  2. BenMillard
    Version: 2.0
    I thought you may have lengthened the track massively. Driving this in a BMW 320i Touring Car with less than 300bhp, it felt like a very long track! But I've looked up the length and it is 4.8km so you must have the scale about right.

    Track width good, smooth, slight camber here and there as a street circuit should have.

    Perfectly square 90° corners. Metal barriers overshoot towards the track to pinch the available space to match the real track. How did you do this - it's amazing! I haven't seen such sharp apex points on another track. The tangled inside barriers prevent corner cutting. Magic.

    A few bits of scenery help orient the driver. Would you consider using dirt banks or tree lines? They hide the rolling scenery so a driver can imagine it's a crowded street track, with tall buildings casting shadows either side of noon.
    1. xlsound
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for the review, glad you liked it :). As for the track lenght it is bigger because of the finishing line that can't be resized so it raises a little the lenght.
      I might look into the surrounding scenery as you requested mate.

      As for the 90 degree curves had to used a modded apk.