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A smooth, modern motor racing complex, supporting everything from hatchbacks and small sportscars up to full LMP cars.

There are four layouts, supported by two hairpin and two chicane shortcuts. Interestingly, the shortest 'club' circuit uses part of the infield but in the reverse direction to the Le Mans spec circuit.


T1/2/3: Parque Eólico (uno, dos, tres)
T4: Acera
T5: Amanecer
T6: Estadio
T7: Curva de Villota
T8: Compresión
T9: Repulsión
T10: Curva Alonso
T11: Bosques
T12: Curva Fangio
T13: Curva Sainz

LM Spec Full Circuit

The full track is 3.59mi/5.77km long, consisting of 13 curves/complexes, the first three of which are the long medium-speed right-left-right grouping of Parque Eólico.

T1,2,3: Look for the banner across the track as a brake marker from full speed. The complex is relatively straighforward, the key to a good time through all three is the last curve. On the last bend, holding further left than you think and turning right later ('missing' the last apex) nets you time, you'll run out to the left onto the rumble strips. Plenty of passing opportunities through here, patience is often rewarded for those following as errors mean a very poor line. However, care is now required on the exit...

T4: Pow! There's only a short straight to Acera and you need to get across to the right and brake and then turn to get a good apex. You'll almost certainly take a bit of kerb on the exit (hence why the turn is named) as you as you accelerate for Amanecer.


A panorama from 'Tres' of Parque Eólico with Acera visible on the left.

T5: Amanecer is a notably tightening hairpin turn. Watch the kerbing on the left and try to brake parallel to it, but a good half-car-width away. As you see it petering out, begin to turn-in and feed the throttle in smoothly. There are very few cars you can properly cane out of Amanecer, concentrate on just clipping the righthand rumbles for an apex and only feed in full throttle when you're sure you're not going to understeer across the track as you accelerate to Estadio.

T6,T7: Estadio is simple, move the car across to the right in preparation for the fun lefthander of Curva de Villota. With a lower powered car - or something very grippy - this is full throttle all the way at well over 120mph. There are no rumbles to upset the car, just hold a nice smooth out-in-out line and let the car run. If you feel you're running out of road on the exit, a gentle lift will tuck the nose in and gain you some breathing room.

T8,T9: Compresión and Repulsión are a great combo for testing your brakes and are key to getting a fast time. You'll want to straightline brake as soon as you clip the first apex on the left, and aim for the righthand apex at the crest. You can begin to turn, and while the car won't lift off the track, it will understeer if you haven't done enuogh work. There's actually a fair bit of track here to play with so mistakes aren't punished with crashing, but if you're being chased hard, a clever driver will have braked earlier and on a different line, ready to late apex the crest and drive around you on the right-hand side, taking a better line into Curva Alonso.

T10: Get across to the right and wait for the kerbing as your marker to stand on it into the Curva Alonso hairpin. It's uphill on the entry, and a third gear corner in most cars - top of second on really fast stuff. Stock out-in-out will get you through, using a bit of rumble on the exit in front of the stands.

T11: Calle Bosques is a nice fun run up past the stands and then down, down, down through the trees down to Curva Bosque, turn 11. This is flat in anything but the most overpowered road cars, and immense fun. A good exit from Alonso and a bit of draughting and you have some choices going down into the 100+mph Curva Fangio.

T12: Fangio is a long, smooth bowl of a bend that once you're in, you can deck the throttle. If the car moves out you don't have to worry too much because there's a run-off apron (a Restaurant carpark!) at the very end of the bend. The perfect line is quite tight, but if you've a lot of power you can let the car move across the track and build more speed, going across the yellow hatching and maybe getting a nose on your opponent. Be courteous to competitors doing the same to you here - the armco at the end of the carpark is not forgiving!

T13: You've now climbed past Restaurante Fangio and Restaurant Hornachuelos, holding the left of the track all the way. This climb is why you need a bit of poke in the car and the full circuit is not recommended for anything with less than 275hp/500PP. When you see the banner across the track, you're ready to brake for the double apex right of Curva Sainz. The first part is a little quicker than the second, a little lift in preparation for a good apex on the second part of the bend is wise - at more than 100mph there is a little bump in the track which will make the car go a little light if it does not have downforce.

National Long Circuit (2.79mi)!/friend/GTP_Venari/course/1567236/

The long circuit cuts out the long run down into the forest and past the restaurants. The return hairpin is situtated just after Alonso, and while it starts tight and opens out, it's tricky for traction with a slight adverse camber on the exit and a steady throttle is required.

National Short Circuit (2.38mi)!/friend/GTP_Venari/course/1567524/

Additionally, the short circuit loops out the tricky Amanecer complex. Coming out of Parque Eólico, this time stay left, as the hairpin, while simple, is tight and a good line is key to getting good speed through Curva de Villota.

Club Circuit (2.17mi)!/friend/GTP_Venari/course/1567876/

The club circuit is the locals' well-kept secret. While it's the shortest layout, it's also rare in that while it's still 'clockwise' it uses the Calle Bosques run through the woods, but in reverse. The challenge of Amanecer remains, but a smooth line out of it is almost more important as you're immediately into the left/right esses that put you at the bottom of the hill before Bosques, and climbing up through the trees. You'll crest before the stands and stay right while you brake immediately. The exit esses put you immediately into Curva Sainz, so a smooth, continuous line is an interesting challenge as too much throttle too soon will push you off the edge.
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I had great fun driving in this track! The flow is amazing, especially on faster cars.
This track is a modern classic. It's got a great flow to it and makes me want to give a rethink for all of my future tracks. Excellent job!
Wonderful track creation! The flow is really good and in a faster car it's great fun. My favourite turns are T12 and T13, various lines possible there. Additionally I have to say that the whole ressource presentation and creativity of the author is sensational!
Neatly layed out to create a balanced flow through the beautiful scenery. The LM layout is perfect for faster cars, easy to learn but hard to master. Be sure to stop by the Restaurantes at Fangio, the tapas are delicious!
Great flow. Somehow makes you feel like a driving god. Recommended for faster road cars.
Ryk says, "hypnotically addictive" and I can't put it better than that. Great use of the terrain produces realistic rises and falls. My favorite, possibly the NL.
Only tested the full layout. And is it suited to the faster cars in your garage Fast and flowing with some mighty fast sweepers and some "easy to learn, hard to master" combinations. Hypnotically addictive with a great natural rolling elevation change over the whole lap. No Jumps or crests to upset a modern race car.