Citta di Aria 1.1

Citta di Aria, very narrow Street Circuit in Italy

  1. mike113
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    Citta di Aria

    Citta di Aria
    Country [​IMG] ITA
    Circuit Length 2.11 miles (3.40 km)
    Track Type Street Circuit (Real Location)
    Road Type Tarmac
    Appears in Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
    Gran Turismo 4
    Gran Turismo PSP

    Citta di Aria is a tight, narrow street circuit set in the Italian city of Assisi. The circuit is extremely demanding and there is no room for error on the narrow streets. Overtaking is almost impossible due to the nature of the circuit.

    images (6).jpg citta_di_aria_600.jpg ZuSg25G7xQf7GnBNF_0.png
    My track is 0.95 miles longer than original. Start/Finish is full length, and is a lot longer than real track map making layout impossible to match exact distance. Like in the old game almost impossible overtaking, and very little room for error. A few laps here and you'll find out how tight, and narrow the turns are.