Death Valley Speedway 2.2 +video

Inspired by Red Rock Valley Speedway: Layout is not the same but the feeling is!

  1. Bruno Pro
    Death Valley
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    This is the modification of the one of the most legendary tracks in Gran Turismo history: Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2

    The course has been modified to avoid figure 8 crossing which this Track Designer doesn't allow but in the end I think that I captured overal look and feel of RRVS

    Here is the original layout
    And here is my first modification

    On the end I got Death Valley Speedway
    Maximal bank angle + maximal width = Maximal speed

    (just like RRVS)
    It is almost possible to drive whole track without lifting leg from accelerator pedal
    (try it - there is is just corner #2 and #7 where you have to slow down a bit)

    It is possible to drive this 5.0km (3.11mi) track under 55 seconds
    I almost did it in my Red Bull below
    (I just did few laps though to make this video: I believe you can do even better)

    Similar tracks

    You can try its sister track from Eifel flat environment Green Valley Speedway:

    And the Grand Prix version of the same Green Valley Speedway GP:

    There is also a version sister track from Andalusia
    Sierra Valley Speedway

    Version History
    - ver 0.1: made first layout to get feeling of the length and position
    - ver 0.2: created first cut rest to test
    - ver 0.3: some minor fixes
    - ver 0.4: added some scenery
    - ver 1.0: first presentable cut with bank angle very smooth
    - ver 1.1: minor changes in layout and scenery
    - ver 1.2: finalized the first presentable version and posted it
    - ver 1.3: on suggestion of some members changed bank angle to very steep
    - ver 1.4: adjusted some S curves to get less bumpy transition due to very steep bank angle. This reduced number of turns from 18 to 16
    - ver 2.0: changed name into: Death Valley Speedway
    - ver 2.1: adjusted track to allow maximal speed
    - ver 2.2: minor scenery changes

    Ver 2.0 and beyond
    Red Rock Valley Speedway Twin, that tries to capture look and feel of Red Rock Valley Speedway is undergoing through some changes

    1. The name is being rebranded to Death Valley Speedway (I checked this name in the database - it's still available, nobody has taken it yet)

    2. The scenery will be changed as well (this is still pending)

    So far I was promoting this track as: "Captured spirit of Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 - the layout might not be the same but the feeling is!"

    The changes from above are intended to intensify that feeling even furtheremore and bring the track even closer Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 (until PD releases a fix, if they ever do that, where we will be able to do figure 8 crossing and create a real twin of Red Rock Valley Speedway)

Recent Reviews

  1. Vendrah
    Version: 2.2 +video
    It delivers what it promises, even if we wish we could have the whole track with more accuracy in desert and sunset.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. I appreciate it
  2. FerrariGTO84
    Version: 1.4 +video
    A fantastic track I highly recommend this track as the author is right it does feel like you are driving around the Red Rock Valley track. The track is well designed and easy on the eye as not to cluttered, well done Bruno
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks FerrariGTO84
      I really appreciate you taking the time to drive and review my track design. I'm glad that you liked it.
  3. sdkflu
    Version: 1.4
    Now this is track for Nascar racing :-)
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks my friend. Glad you liked it