Desert Dash Highway V3

Desert Dash Highway V3 2017-09-11

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Death Valley
Number Of Turns
Length (Unit)
High speed technical Highway/Motorway using the death valley theme with several blind apex's and crucial turn in and breaking points.

x3 Hairpin complex including roundabouts and a bus stop chicane.
x3 High speed narrow chicanes.
x3 Jumps.
Around 5 min lap depending on hp and setup.
Ideal for high speed and aerodynamics tuning.
Smooth driving style required.
A real challenge for high powered road cars.
Crucial brake and turn in points.


The track is set to its maximum width of 15 ft, despite this you have still have to 'thread the needle' in some sections.
The track climbs/descends for 177ft overall.
Depending on your car you will reach speeds in excess of 240 mph on a couple of sections.
Several breaking and turn in points are at over 200 mph entry speed so car setup is crucial and I would recommend some form of aerodynamic aid.

At the end of each high speed section is a hairpin complex in the form of several sharp tight corners. These all give a huge contrast of speed and its very easy to overdrive these sections, especially in high powered cars as the apex are bumpy when attacked at too high a speed or angle, a smooth driving style is rewarded in all of the tight sections with a focus on exit speed.

The 1st tight section has a jump on the crest just before the breaking point before going into a tight series of corners then exiting through a fast bus stop chicane also with a jump on the crest.

The 2nd tight section has a series of chicanes on the approach inspired by the downhill section of Grindelwald, before a series of tight corners then a crucial right left open chicane on the exit.

The 3rd tight section has a multiple apex right hand turn before going into a tight left handed roundabout, tight right corner, then a 2nd left handed roundabout. The apex's in this section are particularly bumpy and can make the car jump around if attacked too hard, especially at the exit of the section.

The circuit layout is set over the desert and is very flat in some sections which at times gives apex visibility issues, in the death valley theme there is no run off area either side of the track so hitting the sand is like hitting a wall and can massively decelerate your car if you mis-judge an apex. This gives an added risk factor when using the entire width of the track or overtaking at high speeds.

There are 3 high speed narrow chicanes where turn in point is crucial as the 1st can be taken at over 200 mph before going into a mid speed right turn.

The 1st 2 chicanes are located opposite the start/finish straight, behind the back of the pit area and the 3rd is just before the start /finish straight.

The 2nd chicane is a particularly difficult section due to the jump on the crest and a mid speed right turn just before it.

The 3rd chicane is just before the start finish straight and when taken at high speed has small bumps that can sometimes upset the car depending on approach angle, inspired by Trial mountain.

The death valley theme has minimal scenery alongside the circuit and this has been used to create an interesting highway/motorway feel with cars visible coming towards you at times. This is also useful to estimate your time relevant to the cars around you.

Due to the length of the track unfortunately I cannot add track side scenery.

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