Eifel Town Track Pack 5

Contains 5 Free Roam tracks in Eifel Flat for you to drive!

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    Eifel Flat
    Length (Unit):
    This contains 5 tracks in Eifel Flat that has many intersections you can pass through!
    Also by the intersections, there are some out of map glitches, where you can literally drive through the barriers and into those tents :p
    Its useful for cruising, cops, RP, etc.

    Notice: If you are passing through an intersection in the grass instead of the road, you might crash into a barrier.
    Also, these tracks might be unstable in online lobbies as some people might disconnect while joining. I prefer to make sure that not too many players join all at once.

    Enjoy! :D

    Track List

    Eifel Town 1

    Length: 8.19mi

    Eifel Town 2

    Length: 7.25mi

    Eifel Town 3

    Length: 8.55mi

    Eifel Town 4

    Length: 9.03mi

    Eifel Town 5

    Length: 8.89mi

    Total = 41.91 Miles


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