Green Valley Speedway GP 3.0 +video

Captured spirit of Red Rock Valley Speedway. Layout is not the same but the feeling is.

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
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    There is no technical driving here - it's all about speed
    (similarly as Red Rock Valley Speedway was)

    maximal width + maximal bank angle = maximal speed!!!

    Amazing fact is that although the track is 5.8km/3.6mi long,
    it is possible to finish a lap under 1 minute: try to do it!
    (That's average speed of 348 km/h or 216 mi/h)

    I did it in a Red Bull (while creating this video)
    Here is my power lap:

    Similar tracks

    Here you can try its sister track from Death Valley environment:
    Death Valley Speedway

    or also its smaller sister track from Eifel Flat Green Valley Speedway:

    There is also a version sister track from Andalusia
    Sierra Valley Speedway

    Version history
    -ver 3.0: video of the new version was added
    -ver 2.9: from all previous versions the most fitting scenery combination is kept
    -ver 2.8: bank angle was kept on 'Very Steep' but the track is more curved-up so the transition in S-type curves is smoother for the track being inclined on one side to being inclined on another side

    -ver 2.7: scenery added
    -ver 2.6: adjusted curbing
    -ver 2.5: extended width to 15m

    -ver 2.4: Uploaded new video
    -ver 2.3: Scenery changed to resemble more to RRVS
    - ver 2.2: Curbing adjustments
    - ver 2.1: Minor adjustments to layout so the track can take maximal bank angle and not to be bumpy

    - ver 2.0: Re-branded the track, changed name into Green Valley Speedway GP
    - ver 1.3: video upload
    - ver 1.2: fixed banking and some scenery
    - ver 1.1: made banking more realistic
    - ver 1.0: designed logo panel
    - ver 0.1: created layout banking and scenery
    Note: if someone prefers version 1.3 (before name, layout and scenery change) it is still available for download (going to version history)

    Ver 2.0 and beyond
    Ultra Speedway GP track
    which was created trying to capture same feeling when driving on Red Rock Valley Speedway (from GT2) is undergoing a huge face lift
    1. The name is being re branded to Green Valley Speedway GP (I checked this name in the database - it's still available, nobody has taken it yet)
    2. The scenery will be changed as well (coming in ver 2.2)
    3. Minor adjustments to layout so the track can take maximal bank angle and not to be bumpy
    (coming in ver 2.1)
    So far I was promoting this track as: "Captured spirit of Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 - the layout might not be the same but
    the feeling is!"

    The changes from above are intended to intensify that feeling even furthermore and bring the track even closer to Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 (until PD releases a fix, if they ever do that, where we will be able to do figure 8 crossing and create a real twin of Red Rock Valley Speedway)

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  1. Rods
    Version: 0.1
    Great to have a track like Red Rock Valley!!
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot. I've been trying to create RRWS since GT5 came out with its Course Maker. But that one didn't have much freedom on layouts.
      Now finally one decent version...