Green Valley Speedway 2.5 +video

Where spirit of Red Rock Valley Speedway lives. Layout is not the same but the feeling is.

  1. Bruno Pro
    Eifel Flat
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    GVS panel.png

    This is the modification of the one of the most legendary tracks in Gran Turismo history: Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2

    The course has been modified to avoid figure 8 crossing which this Track Designer doesn't allow but in the end I think that I captured overall look and feel of RRVS

    Here is the original layout
    And here is my first modification

    On the end I got this track:
    GVS info25.png

    Maximal bank angle + (almost) maximal width = Maximal speed
    (just like RRVS)
    It is almost possible to drive whole track without lifting leg from accelerator pedal
    (try it - there is is just corner #2 where you have to slow down a bit)

    It is possible to drive this 5.0km (3.11mi) track under 55 seconds

    Here is my power lap in SRT Tomahawk

    Similar tracks

    If this track is still to slow for you try its big brother Green Valley Speedway GP:

    Also you can try a rather fitting Death Valley version of the same:
    Death Valley Speedway

    There is also a version sister track from Andalusia
    Sierra Valley Speedway

    Version history:
    - ver 2.5: from all previous versions the most fitting scenery combination is kept
    - ver 2.4: bank angle was kept on 'Very Steep' but the track is more curved-up so the transition in S-type curves is smoother for the track being inclined on one side to being inclined on another side
    - ver 2.3: Uploaded new video
    - ver 2.2: Curbing adjustments and scenery changed to resemble more to RRVS
    - ver 2.1: Increased track width to 14m to resemble more to RRVS. Also minor adjustments to layout so the track can take maximal bank angle and not to be bumpy
    - ver 2.0: Re-branded the track, changed name into Green Valley Speedway
    - ver 1.1 fixed banking to have it more realistic
    - ver 1.0 designed logo
    - ver 0.3 fixed banking and scenery
    - ver 0.2 added banking and scenery
    - ver 0.1 designed track
    Ver 2.0 and beyond
    Ultra Speedway track
    which was created trying to capture same feeling when driving on Red Rock Valley Speedway (from GT2) is undergoing a huge facelift
    1. The name is being rebranded to Green Valley Speedway (I checked this name in the database - it's still available, nobody has taken it yet)
    2. The scenery will be changed as well (coming in ver 2.1)
    3. Minor adjustments to layout so the track can take maximal bank angle and not to be bumpy
    (coming in ver 2.2)
    So far I was promoting this track as: "Captured spirit of Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 - the layout might not be the same but the feeling is!"

    The changes from above are intended to intensify that feeling even furtheremore and bring the track even closer to Red Rock Valley Speedway from GT2 (until PD releases a fix, if they ever do that, where we will be able to do figure 8 crossing and create a real twin of Red Rock Valley Speedway)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vendrah
    Version: 2.5 +video
    It delivers what it promises, even if we wish we could have the whole track in desert and sunset.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  2. Rethima
    Version: 2.3 +video
    Excellent track! I'll use it directly in my HOTT series.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
  3. sdkflu
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent design job, i give 4 star only because i like this idea of this track at Dead Valley scenery with maximum road width, otherwise the job design is for 5 stars.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
  4. UJ BNR R34
    UJ BNR R34
    Version: 0.3
    Hi my friend. I like ur track so much but they must update travk path editor to bring back our memories.
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot my friend. I also hope they will 'fix' the Course Maker soon to allow figure 8 crossing...
      Until then I guess we have to do creations like this one.