Häuschenring - Full Circuit 1.1

(5.84km) A multi-purpose race venue with a varied mix of corner complexes.

  1. EscudoKing101
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    Häuschenring is a permanent race circuit named for the hill in the Eifel region where it is located. The original 2.7km short course was built in 1971, then repaved and extended in 1996. There are plans for future upgrades for hosting major motorbike, touring and possibly Formula 1 events.

    v1.1 (11/14/15)

    - Curbing added after Turn 5 to aid cars running wide.
    - Track decor improved.

Recent Reviews

  1. Daniel James
    Daniel James
    Version: 1.1
    Spectacular circuit. Great flow and the undulation adds character instead of disrupting your line too much. Job well done. I highly recommend this circuit for its flow. Good for battles or tuning. (500-600PP cars)
  2. firmdra
    Version: FINAL
    Feels like a real track. Love the long sweeping corners, and the tight section just before the start. Looking forward to more tracks from you! :)
    1. EscudoKing101
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'll keep making them as long as someone enjoys them.