HONDA CIVIC TYPE R (EK) Touring Car '97

340 bhp / 845 kg / 500pp

  1. Farnell42
    The Civic has strong understeer at stock, and you fixed all of them! Thanks to you, the Civic Touring Car is now my favorite car in this game!
  2. Dom Sireci
    Dom Sireci
    Another smoking tune Ghostrider! What a blast to drive this awesome car!
  3. Kenzel
    This is an AMAZING tune. Not much to look at....but damn it's fast. It is sooo stable you forget it's an FF car. No sign of understeer at all. Get your braking point right and this thing will fly round corners.dont over Rev the engine, about 9500 is ideal for this perfectly tuned gearbox. This really is a sleeper, I had no idea this car could be this quick. Outstanding job my friend.
    1. GhostRider65
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot my friend, it's always with a great pleasure to read that you appreciate a car and your satisfaction is a real pleasure for me !! Thanks again my dear friend Kenzel !!