Inje Speedium v1.0

Very accurate replica of the pretty new South Korean track with lots of elevation changes.

  1. Patrick8308
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    Replica of Inje Speedium

    This is my version of the fascinating new track set high in the mountains of South Korea.

    The track opened in 2013 and offers a fantastic technical layout combined with massive elevation changes.

    The lap starts with a combination of fast righthanders while the lowest level of terrain is at T 2. Afterwards there's a steep rise to T 4 followed by a steep downhill up to T 5b and another steep uphill to T 7. The highest part of the track is just before T 8; the following T 9 is a fast and long lefthander leading to the most technical part of the track. While T 10 is rather flat the track drops intensively from T 11 to T 14. Those tight and slow downhill corners aren't easy and require correct braking and a well balanced car. The next section through T 15 and 16 is very fast and leads to the lowest part of the track at T 17 hairpin. T 18 can be taken full throttle by slower cars. The last two turns with a crest at T 20 can be taken quite fast also with only some slight braking necessary.

    The track is perfect for GT 300 or even SuperGT as well as GT3. If you choose a road car it better won't be too heavy or doesn't suffer from understeer.

    v1.0 Release Notes:
    • proper track width (13 m)
    • track length only 26 m longer than original
    • accurate route drawn over aerial image
    • elevation correctness ca. 90 % with slightly differing inclines
    • curbs placed at original positions
    • most marshal posts at correct positions
    Have fun racing at South Korea!

    Original Track onboard lap

    Original Track Map

    Inje Speedium_Map.png

    Replica Track Map

    Inje Speedium_Replica.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. GT6champNK_69
    Version: v1.0
    Just downloaded this track of yours Patrick. It's really a great one. I chosed the Scion FR-S '12 for testing, great car for this as for a road car. You have done a great job building this track.
    One of my favourite spots are the first sharp right hander where you run slightly uphill and the entry is blind, and you have to calculate your braking point, and the esses section.
    Don't hesitate GTPlanet member, just download Patrick's track;..:-)
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 1st review - it's much apreciated and I'm happy you like Inje Speedium.
      I have to say I'm quite happy with this replica and fascinated by the real track.
      My favourite spots are the triple right (T 1-3) and the triple left (T 5/6) right after your favourite turn. Furthermore I like the flow of the last sector quite much.
      It's really interesting to hear what section of a track are the favourites of other members.