Inje Speedium v1.0

Very accurate replica of the pretty new South Korean track with lots of elevation changes.

  1. GT6champNK_69
    Version: v1.0
    Just downloaded this track of yours Patrick. It's really a great one. I chosed the Scion FR-S '12 for testing, great car for this as for a road car. You have done a great job building this track.
    One of my favourite spots are the first sharp right hander where you run slightly uphill and the entry is blind, and you have to calculate your braking point, and the esses section.
    Don't hesitate GTPlanet member, just download Patrick's track;..:-)
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 1st review - it's much apreciated and I'm happy you like Inje Speedium.
      I have to say I'm quite happy with this replica and fascinated by the real track.
      My favourite spots are the triple right (T 1-3) and the triple left (T 5/6) right after your favourite turn. Furthermore I like the flow of the last sector quite much.
      It's really interesting to hear what section of a track are the favourites of other members.