Jordan's Sample Tune

Rally Jordan's Sample Tune

I call hackssss on this one LOLOLOLOL
This is the grilled cheese sandwich of GT6 tunes! :D
I make Ayrton Senna look like an amatuer with this one.
Slightly tricky job, reaching the specified initial torque settings and max speed setting, but when I did, I knew that I tuned it up and made it go really fast. I even won a difficult race at Magny-Cours with it. Thanks, Jordan.
Used this tune and won GT Academy, currently signing with Red Bull for F1. 10/10 would use again.
Tested, can't hit 999mph with a 2300kg 777PP car, also, power should be 3000, not 500.
good tune
"Tune it all the way up, and then make it go really fast."

Oh god my sides
Amazing. Tune of the year.
This will beat the daylights out of any of the X20## cars. Although a 2.2 Camry will still outrun it.

(Really though, nice work on the new feature.:insert"tup" emoticon:)
This was a perfectly crafted tune, taking every aspect of the car in consideration. As per the special instructions, it indeed went really fast.

At the moment of this review's posting, I'm currently leaving the Earth's orbit. I should have reached the Moon by Sunday afternoon.
I guess this is an independent joke but I didn't get it and wasted time trying to figure it out. I am stupid, right? I came looking to tune the suspension then saw allthe other crap. Figured I had the wrong car. Ok. I get it now. First time gtp haswasted my time. Just so everyone knows now, the suspension is the only thing you can tune.
This is a placeholder for my own testing and a way to show what the Tuning Database is capable of.
ayy lmoa???????
"Tune it all the way up, then make it go really fast." All I needed to see. Thank you, oh great one.
Wow! This is the bestest tune ever!!1!1
That's right.
This looks like the most incredible tune ever.