Lotus test track. Hethel.

Circuit (Replica) Lotus test track. Hethel. 2015-10-05

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Eifel Flat
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Lotus iconic test track situated in Hethel Norfolk. The track is built on a WW2 airbase runway, so the Eifel flat is ideal for this circuit. Technical with 2 hairpins, a chicane and curves. The track was tested using a Lotus Evora tuned to match the Evors S specs. 345 BHP using racing exhaust, stage tuning, sports hard suspension and a close ratio 6 speed box. Lap video included at bottom.

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well done & thanks for sharing!
Love races around here, fast flowing and great fun with 5 or 6 others.
Recommended track but for lone spectator in overalls shouting "Test Track W**ker!" while throwing hand gestures.
Running wide will likely result in a spin. A testing test track. Thoroughly recommended.
Fantastic Races to be had around this place.Well worth a Visit.
Although listed as a test track, the races on this track are amazing. The final chicane can be brutal! :) Worth the download, even if you don't plan on driving your Lotus there.
Great job!
Really good reproduction well worth downloading.
Great job.
Very good job considering the CM limitations.
I love the first fast chicane (Clark) and the last very technical U-turn, Rindt hairpin. To bad we can't smooth out the track surface so you could make it perfect.