Macau GP Guia Circuit 1.1

1:1 Replica Street Circuit

  1. OdeFinn
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
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    1:1 Replica Street Circuit Guia, used 9.7 m wide track, compromise from original minimum 7m and wider. Improvised by my self kerb positions, original is still street track, walls on side etc, so no help from videos.
    Really enjoyable and challenging track do drive.
    Macau Guia Grande premio.jpg

    Version 1.1 is based on this:

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Recent Reviews

  1. BenMillard
    Version: 1.1
    Tremendous changes for v1.1! Used the BMW 320i Touring Car '03 with a random guess tune, powered up to 288bhp. Racing Hard tyres. Without using modded tools, this deserves 5 stars.

    The fastest corners still feel a little tight. Way better than before, though! I'd suggest removing the red and white wall from the fastest 2 kinks. Shouldn't need to brake there. It makes them look like Fisherman's Bend or the final turn on that section, places where you do have to brake which should get special wall styles, imho.

    Liking the kerbs down the straights to create a little more safety margin and overall width. Shame PD make kerbs act like grass and sink them into the ground. Should be level or raised. You've done the right thing, anyway.

    The removed kerbs make the car kick if you drop a wheel inside. Dramatic street circuit Australian V8 do every lap. :lol:

    You can see in the picture the real hairpin is insanely tight. The corner radius is 0, with a 4 lane entry and 2 lane exit. (At most.) That probably wouldn't play well and your one is tight enough.

    The sequence leading to the signature hairpin is excellent now. It's hard to pin down the changes you made elsewhere. It just feels a lot more like I'm watching a WTCC on board than before. Excellent work.

    Would you consider using the dirt banks and tree lines to close in the surroundings? I've seen that work great in some Singapore GP replicas. Wire catch fence on top of the barrier would be cool in other places. Where there aren't such tall buildings but the walls are still important to the driving line. It won't make the walls closer, but will make them feel closer without lining the whole track with dirt or forest.

    Loving the updates. This deserves an event in my custom track club. I'm looking forwards to what you do with it later down the line - especially now you are looking at modded tools. Elevation? ^_^
    1. OdeFinn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review update ;)
      I like flow on this track, you can go by the flow, but if trying to speed over the edge of flow you'll fall on wall, keeps it technical.
      About modded tools.. I'm still in between jump to there or stick on these officials..
  2. BenMillard
    Version: 1.0
    A track I adore and I'm glad to see this attempt.

    Moving the start/finish straight to the second segment helps to keep the proportions of the circuit. However, the narrow width makes the high speed kinks far too slow. It's a compromise but these should be easy flat out in a 300bhp touring car and there should be space to pass.

    You could change the angle of the 2nd segment. Make the spine of the track straighter. That will make the kinks faster and you can keep the narrow width of the rest.

    Do the newer tools and techniques make it possible to make the hairpin into a spike? At least, a lot tighter than it is at the moment. Something like Monaco would be fine. (That might be better than the real shape, even if it is achievable.)

    Sinagpore GP by welcomewelcome and FIRZiGTS use dirt banks and 'tree walls' to create a street circuit feel in key points. You could also add stands and retaining fences to create landmarks along the route.

    Red and white stripe walls with gravel don't feature on this track. But you could use them outside of the junctions. It would look a bit like the escape roads and other routes were blocked off with tyre walls.

    There's a weird bumpy chicane in the middle of the long left, which then leads to the tight chicane. I don't recall this feature on the real track. Indeed, that corner always looked like a pretty fast and left. It might sharpen a bit in the middle but I never saw a chicane there.

    The ability to manually edit height would be an exciting development for the twisty sections of this track. One step at a time, though!

    Another author has a Macau GP and is considering a remake using Andalucia. Placing the start position carefully and using a contour map might enable decent elevation. Perhaps the new 'canyon mode' editor would be another option, as the cliff sides could be interpreted by players as tall buildings.
    1. OdeFinn
      Author's Response
      Thanks, here's now updated version, final from my point of view, if there is coming new TPE version then revisit might happen if never TPE allows more to do.
  3. adnancunha
    Version: 1.0
    Good job!!
    1. OdeFinn
  4. Justinternet
    Version: 1.0
    Great track
    1. OdeFinn
      Author's Response
      Thats true, thanks!
  5. ZoidFile
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work, I like this kind of track.

    I wish I could save more that 30 tracks at a time.
    1. OdeFinn
      Author's Response
      Thanks for rating, same goes here, on both, track and limits :)