Magny-Cours v1.1

Only 45 m longer, proper route, adapted homestraight, tight hairpins + chicane, elevation 90 % right

  1. Azabear6
    Version: v1.1
    Top effort love it thank you. My version sacked
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating. I'm glad Magny-Cours found some supporter too.
  2. djm99
    Version: v1.0
    I've always liked your courses, but this one for me is way off. Magny Cours doesnt have much in the way of elevation and didnt feel or look like Magny Cours at all in my opinion. I think it would have been better suited on Eifel Flat...sorry
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Well thanks that you like my other tracks but your estimation for that one isn't comprehensible to me. Actually Magny-Cours has quite some elevation, e.g. some heights above sea level (from Google Earth): Estoril - 207 m, Adelaide - 236 m, Nürburgring - 220 m, 180 ° - 212 m, Imola - 230 m, Chateaux d' Eau - 237 m, Lycée Pin - 217 m. So in my opinion Eifel flat would model the real track worse. The incline values of the replica may differ a bit from the original ones but the overall elevation should be similar. I've managed to position 4 of 5 gates correctly, some grandstands as well. Therefor I do think that this version replicates the original not as bad as you are estimating. Anyways, thanks for testing the track and I hope you will like my future creations better again.