Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore GP) 1.0

Official Singapore GP Track.

  1. FoRiZon
    Eifel Flat
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    The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore GP Street Circuit) is a street circuit around Singapore's Marina Bay and is the venue for the Singapore Grand Prix.The track is in a harbourside location similar in style to the Monaco Grand Prix and the Valencia Street Circuit in Valencia.

    The circuit is designed by KBR, Inc.,a modification of the original one first proposed by Hermann Tilke.The circuit has FIA Grade 1 license.

    - Wikipedia

    - FrzGT​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Keshu Rao
    Keshu Rao
    Version: 1.0
  2. BenMillard
    Version: 1.0
    Smooth, wide and creatively decorated. There is no city street theme for creator tracks - instead the author uses flowers, trees, grandstands, retaining walls, marshal posts, wire fences, planted banks and of course trackside curbs to direct the racer.

    An authentic recreation of the street circuit layout, thoroughly redrawn as a conventional racing track.

    Every corner looks different and I could push on lap 3 of my test run. I used the Single Race mode with the Formula GT and Professional opposition. Advantaged the time to be as late in the day as possible, since the real venue hosts a night race.

    The trackside design and curb placement is so intuitive, it's uncanny. Of course, Driving Line is recommended as well.

    My only suggestion would be to apply the red and white wall with gravel outside the first turn. It may open up the sight lines through that first chicane sequence. And provide a but of run-off room in the case of first corner incidents.

    Tremendous build.
    1. FoRiZon
      Author's Response
      Thank you :) Your feedback may be used to make the track even better. I appreciate it.
  3. kolio
    Version: 1.0
    Nice track. :)
    1. FoRiZon