Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model

600PP / 657BHP / 1465Kg / RH Tyres

  1. murphy22894
    Hey Kenzel, I was wondering if you could by any chance post some new tunes optimized for use with any GT6 compatible racing wheel & pedal setup? There is a huge difference it seems between tunes developed with a PS3 controller and those developed with a force feedback equipped racing wheel.
    I am what would be considered an advanced driver, both irl and GT series. Raced karts most of my childhood, engaged in performance driving regularly both while at work and at home. Since Gran Turismo was released I have owned the latest copy and religiously studied each car and track. (except now, need to buy a PS4 to own GT SPORT) Lastly, I'm pursuing a career as a driver in any professional motorsport league; as I have the talent for them all and know my abilities with regards to driving skill are far reaching.

    Thanks for your time man! I'm always looking out for tunes that reward a delicate but relentless driving style. Rally tunes are awesome! Unfortunately I haven't seen any dirt or snow tunes for the Renault R8 Gordini :( Damn I havrn't seen any tunes for it at all to be honest
    1. Kenzel
      Author's Response
      Thanks murphy22894 for trying the car and I am delighted that you found satisfaction with it.
      I tune with a DS3, I don't have wheel. From any feedback that I have had most of the tunes appear to work with a wheel, but I can't comment on that.
      I do have a tune for the Rnault Gordini, which works on both track and snow. I will publish that for you.....and I have a celica rally car that is great on the snow.