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Circuit (Replica) Monticello Motor Club v1.0

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Replica of Monticello Motor Club v1.0
- "North America’s Premier Automotive Country Club and Private Race Track" -

Searching for tracks at undulating terrain I found this wonderful track at Monticello, NY. It's a relatively long and fairly challenging course with many elevation changes.

Except at the limited non-member days for corporate, manufacturer, and charity events the track can only be used by it's club members. With membership initiation fees starting at $45,000 for a 10-year membership and ending at $130,000 for a lifetime membership this club is very exclusive. Actually I'd say it's inaccessible for average citizens.

The track has a fantastic layout providing increasing and decreasing radius, hairpins, chicanes but also very fast straight sections.

I managed to create a similar elevation in many track parts so the original feel might definitely be captured.

Original Track Map


v1.0 Release Notes:

Track length and elements
  • track length ca. 150 m longer than original due to necessity of 600 m homestraight length
  • original track offers 2 pit lanes, replica homestraight created at north pits (before original T1) to fit elevation better
  • every radius and straight very close to original
Curbing and Scenery
  • all original curbs placed correctly
  • track gate placed on straight after turn 3 to represent the bridge
  • tents before T4 to emulate south pits
  • original wood and marshal posts recreated where possible
  • not manageable to create the exact real elevation
  • close to original elevation in many track parts
    - crest at the apex of T1
    - slight downhill to T2
    - uphill through T3
    - downhill at straight to T4
    - enclosed hollow section T7 to T9
    - crest at apex of T9
    - downhill to T10
    - flat out of T12 leading to a long downhill to T13
    - downhill to and through T16
  • different from original but still nice parts
    - downhill through T4
    - downhill through T14 and T15
    - tricky crest at T17
Have fun racing this amazing track!

Here's a real onboard lap video in a Radical SR8 where you can comprehend the layout and elevation.

Thanks to @watermelon punch who recorded this video of a race in Historic cars at a Track Day of Makeshift Shuffle Club.

Replica Track Map


Original Aerial View


Replica Scenery Map

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Latest reviews

Excellent work. I've raced on the North course and I can say that besides the elevations being off, the layout is pretty spot on. I really enjoy driving this track. Thanks!!!
Another great effort - really enjoy your tracks!
Thanks Bob! I'm happy you like this one too.
A great track for the faster cars, with nice elevation changes and a great view from the top. Love the last section with a tricky chicane that is approached a top speed, a kinky straight that you cannot drive flat out and a tricky 180 corner leading up to the final straight. And the oysters at the club's cuisine are superb! :P
Thanks for that review! I'm glad you like the last section that much, definately I can share your impressions.
Awesome track! I haven't watched the video yet from the RL track, and even if I did, there's a difference between watching a video and actually driving it. So, I can't judge it for its accuracy as a replica. What I can say is that the track has several corners with sharp elevation changes. Those elevation changes make corners a bit deceptive, which is what makes them challenging and fun. You have to keep the tires pinned down, or you go flying. Racing it in Makeshift Shuffle today was a blast.
Very much apreciated rating, thanks! Your description is very appropriate. Personally I like T3 and T9, both long left-handers with elevation change, very much. Every car feels different there and several lines are possible.
This is a fantastic track! It's so enjoyable. It has a great flow, some tricky corners, yet forgiving and not breathless. It seems so well suited to fast expensive cars! Perhaps not surprising being a private club track just west of the Hudson River Valley in New York, 90 minutes drive from Wall Street, and offering corporate entertainment venue, with a minimum membership investment starting at $40,000.USD and over 140,000.USD investment for the lifetime membership with unlimited track days and priority access to amenities. I'm sure one would find many illustrious characters at the real locale, such as Jeff Gordon, but probably more names recognizable to Bloomberg News and K Street. Needless to say, most will never have the opportunity to drive the real course unless there's a revolution. LOL But luckily for us, we have a track creator who has made a replica that's not only fun to drive, but very exciting to race, which we found that out at Makeshift Shuffle Track Day. And who will know, it could be even better than the real thing! ;o) It was so much fun. What excitement in the classic Lambo Miura Bertone & the Ferrari California. Even the race I drove the vintage Fairlady 68 in the pouring down rain was enjoyable. Thanks Patrick!
Thanks for this great review! I'm happy you enjoy the track that much. Furthermore I'm really satisfied with the fact that the track was fun racing it online.
Very good created. It's downloaded, and the flow and rhythm is great.
Never heard of this track. So thanks for sharing it.
Thanks for your review. I never heard of it before either as it's not very well known I guess. I was fascinated by the layout so I had to try to create it. Have fun racing!