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Circuit (Replica) Monza 1960 RM Edition 2017-04-15

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Due to FIA safety rules the pits are shut (terrible condition) & barriers have been put into place on the S/F straight to avoid collisions.

Known issues: for some strange reason you have to do 2 full laps to record a time (in practice or time trial starting from pits only) other than that arcade & online works perfectly.
Mr Grumpy
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Absolutely perfect replica. Only it's a pity there's no pit lane. A few of my friends have another version at Eifel with pit lane but no tunnel, so my question is: was there a previous version having both? If so, where can I find it?
Great track ! What a work !
High speed !
Might benefit of some realignment between gates and intermediate times.
The track is wonderful! Thank you for your effort Mr. Grumpy!
Fantastic track and a incredible amount of craft making into building a track like this. The amount of details are great, and truly give you that sense of recognizing the real one while driving around this amazing track. On my PS3 there are no issue with the lap timing at all, it works MrGrumpy. Thanks for making this track.
Fantastic track! Good job and thanks for the effort.
icon of track makers. very very nice work, and nice would be an under statement.
Congratulations Grumpy! Well done!
This track is just amazing, it is really fun to race on this one. The corner banking is nicely done and Vegetation/objects have also a good placement.
Absolutely fantastic !! Am really enjoying this one..
What a marvellous addition to the selection, and I mean among all the tracks in the game.