Monzuka Interstone Park v1.0

Fast track combining famous sections from Monza, Suzuka, Interlagos, Silverstone and Istanbul Park.

  1. Patrick8308
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    Monzuka Interstone Park

    After a few fantasy track creation attempts I was never satisfied with the result because I was missing a fascinating flow. Then I thought why not orientate towards famous original track sections with such a desired flow and combine them to a great fantasy track.

    From the beginning it was clear I wanted to include the Esses from Suzuka, Maggotts/ Becketts/Chapel from Silverstone and Turn 8 from Istanbul Park. Furthermore I decided to involve the infield part of Interlagos as it’s a rather slow but still well flowing section. Finally I used Druids Corner from Brands Hatch and Variante Ascari from Monza to connect the other mentioned track parts with the homestraight.

    To achieve a detailed recreation of the single original track sections I used scaled Google Earth images and traced the path with CAD software. I was able to draw the path way more exact than by simply drawing the path over the aerial image in the TPE app. As a result every radi and arc or straight length is very close to the real track parts.


    After recreating the particular track sections I combined them whereby one section is always connected to another one via a straight. In the end I had a complete track path and imported that one to the contour height map from the APK to find the best fitting position at the Eifel map. Since the original track sections don’t have that much elevation I decided to create the track at the southern part of the Eifel map where the incline values are rather low. The fantasy track should have its unique elevation but shouldn’t be completely different to the original ones. Once I had positioned the track finally I created an image of the Eifel Map with the track path and scaled it to 2048 x 2048 px. Next I imported that image to the TPE app and started tracing the CAD created track path. Contemporary I could check the radi and arc lengths at the CAD software to keep the result as precise as possible.

    I’m pretty happy with the result as the track feels great and has the desired flow. Though the elevation might differ a bit from the original sections the route is nearly equal. For example the turn in and braking points at the Suzuka and Silverstone parts feel very similar to the ones of the real tracks.

    Monzuka Interstone Park_Map.png

    The lap starts with the 1st sector of Suzuka throughout all the S corners leading to the recreation of Turn 8 from Istanbul Park. This quadruple apex lefthander is great fun and quite a challenge to go through real fast. After a medium length straight a fast sweeping left turn leads to the Interlagos part. The following seven turns representing Interlagos are quite technical; especially T 14 is a really tight hairpin. The next section connecting straight before Copse is shorter than the one before the original Silverstone corner. But the speed isn’t much lower so it feels quite similar. The following famous Silverstone corners Maggotts/ Becketts/Chapel are as fast as the original ones though the entry to Maggotts feels slightly different as the original track is a bit wider. Becketts is as difficult as the real one though it’s not that crucial because there’s no long Hangar straight following; the way to the next 180° hairpin (same radi and arc length as Druids at Brands Hatch) is rather short. The lap ends with a full throttle double left kink leading to Variante Ascari. This final section from Monza feels as similar to the real track as the other parts of the fantasy track do.

    The TPE app allowed me to position many track side objects. The result is a picturesque race track with divergent parts.

    Hope you enjoy racing Monzuka Interstone Park!
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Recent Reviews

  1. CogitoErgoZoom
    Version: v1.0
    I downloaded Monzuka the same time I downloaded Nardo. Again, this is a wonderful track with a slightly more challenging flow. As with Nardo, I would love to see a version of this where the pavement banking is set to zero so that it's more billiard table smooth. Excellent work blending track sections.
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review - great to hear you like the track. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the banking as I'm not a huge fan of either too gentle or too steep banking. So I'll probably keep it just the way it is. I hope it's still enough fun to drive for you.
  2. BongoFury
    Version: v1.0
    Great track for GT races, one of the best I've seen so far.
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks BongoFury for the great review. I'm glad my work is being apreciated and that you like the flow as well.