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Replica of Nardò - Handling Track

This is the fantastic Handling Track at Nardò Technical Center which is owned by Porsche since 2012.


The name Nardò predominantely may be linked to the 12.6 km long banked circular track seen above where many speed records have been achieved.

But I've recreated the Handling Track which is situated in the woodlands inside the circle.

The circuit has a fascinating fast flowing layout and should provide fun races.

At the end of the ca. 1 km long homestraight you enter a high speed left sweeper where only a shift one gear down and a slight tap on the brakes is needed. This spectacular beginning corner is followed by a way tighter left/right combination. At the slight downhill section from T 4 to the Lupiae Hairpin (T 5) the orginal bump could be recreated. Out of the tightest turn of the track the route rises again and leads to a double right (T 7/8) where it's a bit tricky to find the right amount of necessary braking input. The following T 9 is a nice and fast lefthand which leads to the crucial T 10. If you hit the apex correctly you can go full throttle through the next corner T 11. At the original track the impressive incline kink called Salto is on the straight right after T 11. In my replica I was only able to create that characteristic terrain dip a bit later right at the smooth lefthander. This means you enter Leuka corner (T 12) on a steep downhill which requires hard braking. The track rises again throughout T 13 and leads to the last sector of the lap. T 14 is a bit different from orginal regarding the elevation but a very fun and fast section. T 15 is a rather tight right corner and leads to the even tighter last turn on the lap called Apulia.

The track is perfect for all race cars and road cars > 500 PP since the radii are rather large.

v1.0 Release Notes:
  • proper track width (12.5 m)
  • track length only 55 m longer than original
  • accurate route drawn over aerial image
  • very similar smooth elevation with occasional slight bumps
  • curbs placed at original positions
  • marshal posts represent SOS stops (3 of 4 possible)
  • many trees and banks throughout the track create original woodland atmosphere
Have fun racing at Nardò!

Original Track onboard lap

Track Map


Original Aerial View


Replica Scenery Map

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Latest reviews

Very enjoyable, great flow, nicely done
Thanks mate!
I agree, the track has a wonderful flow and is great to race on. It deserves five stars however I would love to see a version of this where the pavement banking is set to zero so that it's more billiard table smooth. Then it would be perfect.
Thanks for your kind review Cogito, it's much apreciated! Since this is a replica and the real track has banking values in the range of 2,5 % - 7,00 % I can't and don't want to reduce the banking to zero. Actually some corners would need even steeper banking to represent the original one perfectly but I thought it'd be a working compromise to set the banking to normal.
Good flow,Nice job
Thanks for the 5 star rating!