North Bedford UK Togue Version 3.0

Based on the 'B' roads around Northern Bedfordshire UK. Close to the Santa Pod Drag strip.

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    Based on some of the great 'B' roads in Northern Bedfordshire UK.

    The actual road goes from Emberton to Wymington village via Newton Blossomville, Turvey, Carlton, Odell and Poddington villages, Linking the A507 to the A6. With a loop around Felmarsham and Odell.

    Some of the best B roads I have found nearby.

    This version is not totally accurate but gives a good idea of the feel of the real road and is definitely a challenge.

    Route is 15.75 miles and the actual route is just over 19 miles.

    Elevation change of 530 ft in this version.

    AI now goes around without incident.

    Full width of track can now be used on tight corners without having time invalidated in single player mode apart from 1st right turn.

    No more floating bits of trackside scenery.


    Please comment ,Rate, Like and enjoy until GT6 online services sadly end in 10 days!!!


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