Oakhill Road 2017

A fast, narrow and bumpy drive through the forest. Three big jumps.

  1. eran0004
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    For this track I returned to the 1.0.0 version of the Track Path Editor, to allow for a bumpier road. There are several small bumps and three big jumps (see the chart above: the labels in red indicate jumps). The road is narrow, but relatively straight (similar to real roads) and the speed is high throughout most of the track, my Lancia Delta averages over 150 km/h on comfort soft tyres.

    Two things to consider when driving this track for the first time:
    1. After three kilometers there is a sharp turn to the left followed by a sudden drop. Don't go too fast through the corner, it's important that the car is steady and pointing straight forward when you go over the crest.
    2. When approaching the last corner of the track, there is a jump right in the middle of the braking zone - make sure you brake hard before the crest, as it may take some time to regain traction after you have landed.

    The track is well suited for cars at about 400 to 450 performance points, although it's fun with slower cars as well. Faster cars can be a bit terrifying, I'd recommend using gripper tyres for those and not going full speed over the biggest jumps.

    The track was inspired by a drive on rural roads during the Easter holidays, although those roads were only 4 meters wide and rather than dry and grippy tarmac it was gravel, mud, snow and ice. The corner radii, bank angle, length of the straights and bumps and jumps are pretty accurate though. :D

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  1. Update: remodelled corners
  2. Changes 2016-06-26

Recent Reviews

  1. Wiggus
    Version: 2017
    I love this track; fast and lumpy. I agree with the PP limitations suggested for the most fun.
  2. M3 fan
    M3 fan
    Version: 2016
    Excellent track, rewards nerve, precision and control
  3. Draggon
    Version: 2.0
    I love all the versions you've done on this. This one is the most raceable. Great work.
  4. GT6champNK_69
    Version: 2016-03-29
    This is big business. Wow, amazingly astonishing race track. It suits my driving style to the maximum limit. I simply can't stop driving slow, and admire the beautiful background and scenery. One of the houses has its own parking lot.
    Congratulations, and we'll earned selection of the track of the week, I voted on yours. Thanks for sharing it, big fun and challenging. :)
  5. Draggon
    Version: 2016-03-29
    Wow, what a fun and exciting track. I literally spend an hour on it last night. Getting a rythm over the bumps was a great challenge!
  6. J24681357
    Version: 2016-03-29
    I really love this track, the bumps and the objects makes the track more exciting! :)