Opera Paris 1.2

Recreation of Opera Paris

  1. mike113
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    Opera Paris
    Country [​IMG] France
    Circuit Length 1.81 miles (2.91 km)
    Track Type City Street Circuit (Real Location)
    Road Type Tarmac
    Appears in Gran Turismo 4
    Gran Turismo PSP

    Opera Paris is a short, tight street circuit set on real roads in the center of Paris, France. The narrow streets make overtaking difficult on this challenging circuit, but perhaps the most difficult parts of this circuit include the Place de l'Opéra and Place de la Concorde.

    Opera Paris is only featured in Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo PSP.

    The circuit starts at a street surrounding the Place de la Concorde, FIA's main headquarters, with the Obelisk of Luxor being a notable landmark here. From here, the circuit moves to the right via Rue de Rivoli passing through the Librarie Inter Continentale via the Rue de Castiglione, taking a left-right-right-left chicane at Place Vendôme leading to Rue de la Paix. The circuit then utilizes a series of 90-degree corners at Place de l'Opéra leading to Boulevard des Capucines and Boulevard de la Madeleine which continues to the street surrounding the Place de la Madeleine. The circuit then continues to Rue Royale before going to the outskirts of the Place de la Concorde before returning to the street surrounding it.

    Opera Paris in GT4
    The circuit is featured in the following events in Gran Turismo 4:

    • Pan Euro Championship (Battle 1)
    • Blackpool Racers
    • Tous France Championnat (Battle 1)
    • 1000 Miles! (Battle 2)
    • Gran Turismo World Championship (Battle 7, reversed)
    • Dream Car Championship (Battle 1)
    • Premium Sports Lounge
    • Deutsche Touring Car Meisterschaft (Battle 1)
    • Europe Classic Car League (Battle 3, reversed)
    • 2HP - 2CV Classics (Battle 1, reversed)
    • Euro Hot Hatch League (Battle 2)
    • Schwarzwald Liga A (reversed)
    • Renault Alpine Cup (Battle 3, reversed)
    • Club 'M' (Battle 3, reversed)
    • Club 'RE'
    • Legend of the Silver Arrow
    • MG Festival
    • Mini Sports Meeting
    • 206 Cup
    • Megane Cup (Battle 2)
    • GTI Cup
    Sorry bout the horrible versions of Opera Paris, this is a very hard course to recreate. Deleted the last version it just wasn't right. This version is 0.17 miles longer, and the turns representing the real track map feel much more like the real track, except for the last straightaway, it is much shorter than original track map. It took a 3 stage map copy to make Opera Paris come out with the full length Start/Finish Pit Row. Last version I will attempt of this track.


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