Palmer Motorsports Park v1.0

Slightly longer version with adapted homestraight, proper route and representative elevation

  1. Patrick8308
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    Replica of Palmer Motorsports Park v1.0
    Whiskey Hill Raceway

    Here's my replica of the brand new track at Palmer, MA which was opened in May 2015. It's a club track offering track rentals, driving schools and memberships. Whiskey Hill Raceway can be described as an asphalt-paved rollercoaster. It's rather short with some tricky and some fast turns plus quite intense elevation changes.

    v1.0 Release Notes:

    Track length and elements
    • track length ca. 130 m longer
    • homestraight had to be adapted as the real one is a long drawn turn
      -> right turn before T 1 required, T 15 shortened a bit
    • route was drawn over Google Earth image so elements should be very close to original
    Curbing and Scenery
    • when the track opened in 2015 curbs had not been placed yet, the curbs are supposed to be installed this winter season
      -> with no images or videos including curbs available at present I've placed them at reasonable positions
    • original scenery is an alpine wilderness with many rocks and trees
      -> the placed banks help to represent that character
    • the general elevation could be recreated though some incline values may differ from original
    • steep rise at T 5/6 with the highest part of the track before T 7 is existent
    • dips at T 8 and T 10 very similar to original
    • dip at T 12/13 too steep but still great fun
    This circuit is pretty technical but also very fast. There are some massive elevation changes providing the original feel and offering some tricky corners.

    Try it out and enjoy racing here!

    Original Track onboard lap

    Original Track Map


    Replica Track Map


    Original Aerial View


    Original Elevation Model

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Recent Reviews

  1. Obelisk
    Version: v1.0
    Being a Massachusetts person, I don't see a lot of tracks around. So, I was pretty excited when I learned that Whiskey Hill Raceway was being built.

    Imagine my excitement when someone made a replica in GT6!

    I have to say, this is faithful to the original track and really well done too.

    My only bit of feedback would be maybe making curb strips longer?

    Other than that, brilliant job.
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you like the track, especially because you are a local. I'll think about the curbs and might adapt them if I find some time.
  2. ianspeed
    Version: v1.0
    another great track don't know why anyone would bother with flat tracks
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the nice review!