Potrero de los Funes Version 3.0

My attempt at the mountain lake track in Argentina.

  1. trustjab
    Eifel Flat
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    Replica Circuit (Eifel)
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    Potrero de los Funes (V 3.0)


    Version 3.0 is my third attempt at recreating Potrero de los Funes. It only features the layout. Later I will make revisions in the scenery. Of significance is the change of turns 16-18. The tight chicane could not be replicated so I improvised.​
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  1. Potrero de los Funes (V 3.0)

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  1. Bolaites
    Version: Version 3.0
    Great circuit and exceleent layout. It's a shame that the eifel flat didn't match up at all with ups and downs (elevations). Try to do the circuit in andalusia style, i think is the best option, imo.